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Requirements of a 10-Minute Play

Instead of focusing on the discourse that might come out of that, and the acceptance journey or something else dramatic, the play is focused on all the reversals that come out of that reveal, at the expense of the characters, the plot, and the play itself. One of the beautiful things about writing ten-minute plays is that there is only room for one storyline.

Some plays are perfectly fine as written, but the whole thing just feels too familiar, the characters too cliche. A short time ago, I posted on Official Playwrights of Facebook asking if ten-minute plays time out, i. I think this may actually be part of it. When I wrote a short play about people being obsessed with technology, it got produced about 15 times in one year; nobody chooses it now.

I think some people think of ten-minute plays as skits.


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Occasionally 6 — the one trick pony. Everything you said is spot on and almost works like a checklist of what not to do. So, write a play, compare to checklist. Start over.

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Good insight, Donna, and a great reminder. This was great! Everyone who writes minute plays should read this.

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Great article, Donna. I, too, read a fair number of ten minute pieces and have seen them in festivals, and the play that goes nowhere just stops at page 10 or 11 is my pet peeve.. Nice observations, here. I believe everyone should read their page 1, see where there characters start, and then read their last page, to make sure the characters are someplace else. This is great information!

I plan to go over my current and past plays to check for these things. Well done. Another suggestion is to think of the minute play the same as a full-length play. Excellent advice, Donna! We have produced over short, ten minute plays and read thousands. We often see many of the problems you mention. This is a fine checklist, Donna. I would add one other fault: the play is not about anything, at least anything serious.