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This man was said to be Michael Jackson. The Lord said that he had made agreements with the devil so that he could have fame and fans.

The Lord said that the dances that Jackson was known for were the way demons walk when they are tormenting the people in hell. Mora insisted that the Lord had shown her Michael Jackson and he was being tormented in the flames. The Lord said that people should not play his songs and sing them. Mora said that the Lord had told her that she should go and tell people that he was waiting for them and that they should surrender to him and he would provide them with rest. He then showed her a tunnel into which many thousands of people were dropping into an abyss and souls were falling at a rapid pace.

The Lord told Mora that that was how humanity perishes and he cried. So you can now be dead for 23 hours and come back totally fine??? Replied to MrZorg. Hell is real MrZorg Replied to Capricorn. I'm not scurrd. Nor will I "regret" anything. I'm a good person, and the universe will open up for me when I die.

I will be one with the universal energy.

Celebrities Want to Get the Hell Out

So the all loving GOD is now sending people to hell because fo there choice in music Replied to Otto. Otto, Islam defines it as Jahannam - MrZorg is going there,tumbling into the depths of the black pit of pain and desolation for eternity begging for ice water Pagans define it as Helviti - MrZorg is going there,screaming in absolute fear as he falls into the chasms begging for some Breyer's ice cream Greeks defined it as Hades - MrZorg is going there.

He will soil his pants in absolute shock when Charon shows up in his pimp boat to take him across the river stix across the way to his infinite place of torturous agony and merciless suffering forever in total darkness and torment while begging for a cold vanilla shake Chinese mythology defined it as Diyu - MrZorg is going there,damned for an eternity, scratching at the walls,lost within the labyrinth of eternal punishment begging for just one bite of a jello pudding pop I'm messing with you guys of course - I'm not a Christian.

Can't say I'm totally an atheist tho. I don't have the all knowing answers. But anyway,who needs religions or metaphors Sure hope all these other people and civilizations throughout history and time are wrong and we know more about everything than they do when it comes to this matter.

I dont think i like the way you worked mr zorg into your condemnation, thats not a very good example, as you already said in the earlier comment about him going to hell, now your just condemning him through another way, im not impressed! I don't care "what you like" Auto. He knows I'm just playing. Why you think everything needs YOUR approval? Maybe a mod here, but you're a "nobody" to me. The Bible talks of Lot being a righteous man and that is why he was saved from Sodom.

Look at all these celebs singing their way to hell | Channel24

This is in reference to the state of his life while in Sodom, he was a righteous man. The Bible however is silent on what happened to him after Genesis when his two daughters made him totally drunk and had immoral sexual intercourse with him which resulted in him impregnating the two daughters and becoming the father of their two illegitimate sons Moab and Benammi. His life is no longer discussed from then on. He turned to the world later in his life backslider.

That is what Lord Jesus Christ told me. All his righteousness that he has done shall not be mentioned: shall not be remembered in his trespass that he has trespassed, and in his sin that he has sinned, in them shall he die. Even though you are righteous today but you later turn back to sin and die in sin, the Bible says your righteous deeds shall not be remembered.

7 Celebrities Who Are Destined for Hell When They Die

This is why Lord Jesus Christ is emphasizing on being faithful until the very end. That is the only way you will gain the crown of life. Once saved is not always saved. You have to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Philippians This simply means holding on to Lord Jesus Christ, living a holy life until the very end of your earthly life.

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It is carrying your cross every single day of your life. And Jesus looking upon them said, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. Remember that without Lord Jesus Christ you cannot live a holy life, stay joined to Him always. Be faithful until the end and you will get the crown of life.

Revelations Some hours later, I prayed and read the Bible. I was listening to worship music when the Lord Jesus Christ showed me a section in Hell for those who were greedy on Earth. This time around I was in the company of an Angel. The Angel explained to me that people who go to this section in Hell are those who loved money more than God. Money was their god. They were greedy with money and would do anything just to get their hands on more money. In this section of Hell, I saw what looked like an expensive purse drop to the floor.

It seemed to have dropped out of nowhere. Immediately this purse dropped, all the people in this section ran to the purse.

Celebrities Who Are Burning in Hell

All of them wanted it. They were so many and they began fighting for the purse. They fought and abused each other in an attempt to get it to themselves. They did this for a very long time. I noticed that they were extremely tired but they continued fighting and raining abuses at each other! This surprised me because I expected at least even one of them to give up considering how tired they looked but not one of them stopped. Because they fought so hard for money, they must continue fighting for it even here in Hell. Nothing can make them stop fighting until they just collapse out of exhaustion but even then when they get up they continue to fight again.

As I watched, the people all kept fighting until like the Angel had said, they all collapsed to the ground one by one. The Bible says you cannot serve two masters at once. Luke God wants to be first in your life; whatever you put ahead of Him is an idol. You cannot see Him unless you rid yourself of idols.

Lord Jesus Christ loves you and sends this warning in love. All these people in Hell cannot come back to Earth to repent, but you can repent while you are still on Earth. God bless you beloved brothers and sisters. I remember there was a time we could physically hear people in Hell screaming, everyday. So after we were talking about it, I saw a vision.

The story that is in Matthew That is why miraculous powers are at work in him. His head was brought in on a platter and given to the girl, who carried it to her mother. Then they went and told Jesus. She was in torment. The demons kept presenting her a head on a platter, then she would scream and run away so wildly but the scene just kept repeating. The whole place was made of fire and she was screaming so loudly.

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Hell is horrific , none of us should go there. There is just a way that Earth always manages to erase this reality from us. What do you think it is? It looked like a waterfall or sand.

The NBA And WNBA Dine - Season 13 Ep. 2 - HELL'S KITCHEN

There were Mongoloids, Eskimos, Masais, Buddhists, Hindus, spiritualists, prostitutes, the blind, mothers, fathers and children. The list is endless. Yes, even children, when they know what is wrong and right, must choose their destination. They were all falling into Hell in different positions. Some were falling shoulder first, stomach first, head first, back first, hand first etc.

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Some were clothed, some were not. It is unfortunate for them, because they have terribly deceived themselves. They do not think so, but they desperately need Me to save them. In just a snap of a finger, they may be dead and they will find themselves in this horrendous place. They have to repent; they just have to if they want to be saved, because I can never receive them into my kingdom Heaven when they are dead. They did not want to associate themselves with Me in life and they will surely not associate with Me in death. People who watch these movies also end up behaving the same. Come back to Me now before the door is closed.

He put His hand on my shoulder and said, come and see this.