Encountering Scripture: A scientist explores the Bible

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Encountering Scripture

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Preface Ch 1: The Imperative Necessity of a Harmony of Christianity and Science p17 In medieval university, almost all faculty would accept the inspiration of the Bible.

A History of the Bible: The Book and Its Faiths by John Barton – review | Books | The Guardian

Even a hundred years ago, many of the greatest men of science would fully trust the Bible. Development of modern philosophy from Descartes and modern science past Galileo which popularized sharp, critical, nonconventional mentality. Amazing rapidity of the development of science in the 19th century. Steam engines, electricity, and chemistry were powerful and practical apologists for the scientific point of view.

Innoculations, surgery under and anesthetic, and brilliant new progress in surgery were medical marvels which preached irresistibly the gospel of science.

There were cleavages in the Christian church, but a measure of unanimity in science. This ignorance of science was combined with an improper spirit in which "orthodoxy fought the critic with sarcasm or vilification or denunciation". Such a strategy was futile. The sure advance of empirical data, and the analytic mentality modern science developed in her devotees, could not be coerced or routed by ridicule or wholesale depreciation of science.

Gone was the devotion of men like Newton and Pasteur and Clerk-Maxwell, gone was Kepler's "thinking God's thoughts after him. Science was developed on non-Christian premises. The thousands of students passing through science courses were influenced for naturalism and against religion by the antichristian or naturalistic convictions of their professors of science.

The evangelical always fought the battle on too narrow a strip. In Romans, with its reference to futility in creation, he sees a parallel to the process of evolution, in which creatures must die for others to develop. This book is a valuable and stimulating contribution to the continuing conversation about the relationship between science and religion, and an excellent brief introduction to the scriptures for laity.

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