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If your friend is moving to another city i.

A friend recently hosted a packing party for her sweet coworker. She was moving to another city from her home state after graduating from college. Tons of money saved and an incredible debt of gratitude all around.

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Elevate the event with simple touches like beautiful cocktail napkins or a tray of delicious afternoon tea treats. Stretch a floral arrangement with fresh blooms and a few bud vases.

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Display photo accents of favorite memories and bring a Polaroid to capture candid pics throughout the festivities. Browse my Going Away Party board on Pinterest for inspiration.

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This party is for the guest of honor, not you. Stretch your list of invitees to include a few key people you know they would enjoy seeing.

2. Send out the party invitations

It might be someone outside of your immediate group or a family member they are particularly close to. Ask if there is anyone in particular they would like for you to invite. Reach out and let them know what you are planning. If someone in your office or work environment is leaving, do something on a small scale to let them know you will be wishing them well.

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  • It can be something as easy as pizza or as elaborate as one of their favorite meals. Include the entire team instead of only a few people so no one feels left out. One heartwarming idea is to ask colleagues to share a favorite memory of their time with the team member. Do so in advance to give everyone time to jot their thoughts down. For example — questions for one of my favorite news anchors who is moving on to a new adventure soon:.

    Shauna’s Going Away Party

    How many years has Lauren worked at the television station? What is her favorite color?

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    • What is her favorite food indulgence? What is her biggest talent? Is she a good singer? What is her fashion obsession?

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