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We are currently working through the last of the sugars in the tanks. This year we have one tank based on our oldest Cinsault, a first for us — it is usually blended with the Grenache. We also tried an overnight skin maceration for the Grenache Blanc for the white.

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So, the evolution continues. Given that we harvested later, it will be interesting to see if the secondary, malolactic fermentation starts now before the temperatures start to fall.

In the caveau, we are getting ready to label a new wine — something that last happened in with La Gardy. It is a Syrah bottled in Usually, these end of season notes have me whingeing about the wild boar scoffing much of our fruit. Now that most of our electric fences are plugged into the mains they are less keen to breach our defences.

Sadly, the fences in the valley some distance from a house are still on batteries — and there the boar made merry.


So it is pleasing to learn that the boars themselves have something new to worry about. Ageing, ineffective local hunters may be hanging up their guns but a slightly more efficient apex-predator is now on the doorstep — the wolf.

It seems the arrivals are the result of a population re-introduced in the Italian Alps a decade ago, that have since spread. There was video footage of six cubs on the north side of Mont Ventoux — it could be a young male from there looking for territory that we are now hearing.

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The already notable biodiversity at Unang continues to expand. Yes, add me to your mailing list. Photography: Indra Van Regemorter. Click to view in Google Maps.

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Cave Tel: 00 33 0 4 90 69 91 37 Email: info chateauunang. Direct sales from the Cave: Monday — Saturday Privacy Policy. Chateau Unang Fine Ventoux wines. JK Subscribe to our Newsletter. Weather at Unang Malemort du Comtat.

Harvest Your Health

Chiropractic is the largest, drugless health care profession in the world that promotes the body's ability to heal itself. When there is nerve interference along the spine, the brain and body are not communicating to their full potential. Chiropractors work to remove nerve interference through assessment and then specific adjustment of the spine to restore the nervous system's ability to communicate with the body. We are committed to using the best technology and the newest and most-researched techniques to assess and promote the healthy functioning of your nervous system.

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