How to Get As: 5 Principles Every Student Should Live By

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k10outline - Principles of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Measure it. Take time to reflect on the skills of children and young people β€” by observing or by self-assessment. This gives a balanced understanding of strengths and weaknesses, highlights progress and shows next steps.

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Focus tightly. It should allow dedicated time just to explicitly build the skill.

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Keep practising. To accelerate progress in the essential skills, they should be used and reinforced as often as possible β€” whenever you have the chance with those children and young people. Bring it to life.

Ensure children and young people see the relevance of these skills by linking them with the real world and by bringing real-life problems and challenges to work on. Everything we've learned. But UDL takes careful planning by teachers. Here are just a few examples of how UDL can work in a classroom. One example of this is posting goals for specific lessons in the classroom.

5 Examples of Universal Design for Learning in the Classroom

Students might also write down or insert lesson goals in their notebooks. The teacher refers to lesson goals during the lesson itself. In a traditional classroom, there may be only one way for a student to complete an assignment.

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This might be an essay or a worksheet. With UDL, there are multiple options. For instance, students may be able to create a podcast or a video to show what they know. They may even be allowed to draw a comic strip. There are tons of possibilities for completing assignments, as long as students meet the lesson goals.

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UDL promotes flexibility in the learning environment. We work to ensure that one day, everyone will build the essential skills, experiences and aspirations to succeed. So we created the Skills Builder Framework, which underpins our programmes. It takes each of the eight skills and breaks them down into teachable and learnable nuggets - from the age of three through to adulthood.

We have built a partnership of schools, employers and other organisations all using the Skills Builder Framework to develop skills with children and young people. Contact us. Fill out my Wufoo form! Keep it simple. Using the same language all the time makes a big difference. Start young, keep going. Starting as young as possible allows more time for mastery.