La città del paradiso (Il porto) (Italian Edition)

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Intercultura accepts host families of all kinds families with children of all ages, parents with no children, single parents — male or female, homosexual parents. The most important factor is that the host families demonstrate that they share the same ideals of the Association and the desire to know another culture by having a foreign student in their home, sharing their daily lives together and being ready to question themselves regarding their own personal culture.

Local chapters often organize public and private events where host families and students can socialize and share experiences, fears and doubts. Two regional meetings are organized one at the beginning and one at the end of the exchange for all the foreign students in one area, and all foreign students hosted in Italy find themselves together one last time before flying home. Each student has a liaison they can rely on during their time in Italy. This contact person is a volunteer who will be by your side, helping you getting into your Italian life and acting as a medium between you and your family.

Especially young volunteers are happy to organize activities for exchange students throughout the year and they are willing to help you, may the necessity rise. If you are willing to know more about Intercultura, please visit this page.

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When people think of the typical Italian family, most likely they imagine a large family. Perhaps this was true some time ago, but things are different nowadays. The average family generally consists of parents and one or two children. Never have I seen them so beautiful!

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Every spark twinkles and shines with the brilliance of an eye. What a lot of eyes fixed and staring, looking at us from all sides! In the sky, along the shore, out to sea Oh, lovely night! In a ecstasy of love the sky is smiling! Via dall'anima in pena l'angoscia paurosa. Guarda: dorme ogni cosa! Sei mia! Trema, brilla ogni favilla col baglior d'una pupilla.

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Tutto estatico d'amor, ride il ciel! Butterfly is standing, erect and immobile, by a screen. Oh, my head! Butterfly sta ritta ed immobile presso un paravento.

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E tu, Ten-Sjoo-daj! The American God, I'm sure, is much quicker in answering those who pray to him. But I'm afraid he may not know we have our home here. Suzuki opens a little table, takes out a few coins and shows them to Butterfly. We've been too extravagant! Ma temo ch'egli ignori che noi stiam qui di casa. Suzuki apre un piccolo mobile, vi prende poche monete e le mostra a Butterfly.

Tell me, quick! Why did he take such care to have the house fitted with locks if he didn't mean to come back again? I'll tell you then: in order to keep mosquitos, relations and troubles outside, and inside, jealously guarded, his bride - his bride - me - Butterfly! On that last morning, "Are you coming back, sir?

Io te lo dico per tener ben fuori le zanzare, i parenti ed i dolori, e dentro, con gelosa custodia, la sua sposa - la sua sposa che son io, Butterfly! Quell'ultima mattina: "Tornerete signor? Egli, col cuore grosso, per celarmi la pena sorridendo rispose: "O Butterfly, piccina mogliettina, I'll return with the roses in that happy season when the robin builds his nest.

He'll come back. Whatever for? Oh, you are lacking in faith! One fine day we'll see a wisp of smoke arising over the extreme verge of the sea's horizon, and afterwards the ship will appear. Then the white ship will enter the harbour, will thunder a salute.

You see? He's arrived! I shan't go down to meet him. No, I shall stand there on the brow of the hill and wait, and wait a long time, and I shan't find the long wait wearisome. Ah, la fede ti manca! E poi la nave appare - poi la nave bianca entra nel porto, romba il suo saluto. Io non gli scendo incontro.

Io no. And from the midst of the city crowd a man - a tiny speck - will make his way up the hill.

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Who can it be? And when he arrives - what, what will he say? He'll call, "Butterfly!

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Not answering, I'll remain hidden, partly to tease, and partly so as not to die at the first meeting. And, a trifle worried, he'll call, he'll call "My dear little wife, fragrance of verbena! And this will happen, I promise you. Keep your fears; with unalterable faith I shall wait for him. She dismisses Suzuki, who leaves. Sharpless and Goro can be seen entering the garden. GORO She's there. Go in. Madam Butterfly She turns round.

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E uscito dalla folla cittadina un uom, un picciol punto s'avvia per la collina. Tienti la tua paura, io con sicura fede l'aspetto. Congeda Suzuki che esce. Sharpless e Goro compaiono nel giardino. Madama Butterfly Si volta.

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My dear consul, my dear sir! She beckons to Suzuki to prepare the pipe. I have here I have Fa cenno a Suzuki che prepari la pipa. Ho qui I have to show you Is he quite well?

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