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We strive to always take reasonable precautions and security measures to protect your privacy. The information provided on this form is collected for the purpose of the One Life, One Tree project only. The personal data collected will be communicated to our marketing team for purposes of administering this project and posting of certificates.

Each tag containing the first name and date of birth of the new born child will be displayed around each tree. LVDF Conservation Trust will share the above-mentioned personal data with a printing company for the production of the said tags and for the printing of certificates.


When the tree has been tagged, certificates will be delivered by LVDF Conservation Trust to our marketing team who will be responsible for posting these certificates to you as parents or authorised legal guardians of the new-born child. The personal data listed above will be retained at the marketing office of the Hospital for the purpose of the One Life, One Tree project only. The minimum necessary information provided on this form will be disclosed to third parties who are directly involved in this project on a strictly need-to-know basis for purposes of performing the project.

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The personal data communicated will be securely stored until your consent is withdrawn or until such time as may be prescribed by law. You, or the new-born child upon reaching the age of 16, may write to us to request access to, rectification, restriction or erasure of your personal data or personal data.

In case of any withdrawal of your consent at any specific point in time, we shall proceed to the removal of the tag within a reasonable period of time.

In case of any concerns, questions or comments about this project or this Privacy Policy, please email us at info wellkinhospital. Your decision to provide the personal data to us is voluntary.

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By signing and returning a duplicate of this form, you consent to C-Care Mauritius Ltd processing personal data about the new-born child and yourself in accordance with this privacy statement and the Data Protection laws. ICU Ward : a.

We look forward to having your family as part of this great environmental initiative! I agree with the privacy policy. This field should be left blank. Need more space? Incorporating the highest grade material such as curved glass touch panel ensures excellent feedback and feel, as well as providing a gorgeous look.

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