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Herriot-Watt University. The influence of circuit parameters on molten metal bridge energy in a mems relay testing platform. Lewis, A. Carbon nanotube CNT composite surfaces for electrical contact interfaces. Fishlock, S. Characterisation of nanographite for MEMS resonators. Evaluating contact force based on displacement measurement of cantilever beams for MEMS switches and sensor applications. Mechanical characterization of a Au coated carbon nanotube multi-layered structure.

Numerical analysis of switching performance evaluators in low-voltage switching devices.

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The development of a finite element contact model of a rough surface applied to a Au-coated carbon nanotube composite. A comparison of the predictions of a multiscale model and optical real area of contact measurements. Lifton, J. An initial experimental study on the influence of beam hardening in X-ray CT for dimensional metrology.

Carbon nanotube composite surfaces for electrical contacts of MEMS switches. Fabrication and characterisation of nanocrystalline graphite micromechanical structures. Poster session presented at Micro and Nano Engineering, Switzerland. A reference workpiece for voxel size correction in x-ray computed tomography. An experimental analysis of the real contact area between an electrical contact and a glass plane. Carbon nanotube composite surfaces for electrical contact interfaces.

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Chianrabutra, C. Chong, H. Mechanical characterisation of nanocrystalline graphite. The application of beam hardening correction for industrial X-ray computed tomography. Down, M. The application of gold coated carbon-nanotube surfaces as electrical contact surfaces. The application of voxel size correction in X-ray computed tomography for dimensional metrology.

The effect on switching lifetime of chromium adhesion layers in gold-coated electrical contacts under cold and hot switching conditions.

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Fine transfer in electrical switching contacts using gold coated carbon-nanotubes. Fine transfer in electronic switching contacts using gold coated carbon-nanotubes. Studies of high current arcs using an optical fiber array based imaging system. Paper presented at Xian Paper Format,. Boltryk, P. Audio recovery and identification of first Norwegian sound recording.

Paper presented at JTS , Norway. Cathode root motion studies of high current arcs using an optical fiber array based imaging system.

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Con-focal scanning systems for precision metrology: some novel applications. Lalechos, A. Evaluation of the X-ray CT visualisation techique for characterising electrical contacts. A comparison of optical sensing methods for the high precision 3D surface profile measurement of grooved surfaces.

Gold coated carbon nanotube surfaces as low force electrical contacts for MEMS devices: part 1. Improved micro-contact resistance model that considers material deformation, electron transport and thin film characteristics. McBride, T. Braunovic Eds. Motion studies of cathode roots in high current arcs using an optical fibre array based imaging system. Motion studies of high current arcs using an optical fibre array imaging system.

Professor John W McBride | Engineering | University of Southampton

The 3D measurement and analysis of aspheric surfaces. The sound archive project Society of Archivists Conference,. An experimental investigation of the contact area between a glass plane and both metallic and carbon- nano-tube electrical contacts. Yunus, E. The evaluation of wear in the fretting of electrical contact surfaces. Comparing laser and polychromatic confocal optical displacement sensors for the 3-D measurement of cylindrical artefacts containing microscopic grooved structures. Developments in fretting studies applied to electrical contacts. Stewart, M. Maintaining functional performance of piezo ceramic actuators by the control of moisture ingression using thin film barriers.

On the relationship between surface wear and intermittency during fretting in electrical contacts. Processing techniques for the recovery of audio from Edison cylinder recordings, via noncontact surface measurement. The relationship between contact resistance and contact force on Au coated carbon nanotube surfaces. The relationship between surface incline and con-focal chromatic aberration sensor response. Fotakis, L. Salimbeni Eds. Sun, W.

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Bias and uncertainty of the nonlinear least-squares sphere fitting algorithm to small segment angle surfaces. Paper presented at Proceedings 6th International Euspen Conference,. Lam, L. Physical and chemical changes under thermal cycling of an extrinsic conducting polymer electrical contact. The application of 3D optical scanning systems for the measurement of spherical and aspheric surfaces. The loaded surface profile: a new technique for the investigation of contact surfaces.

A comparison between the errors in simulated and experimental data in non-contact surface measurement systems. European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology.

Ciavarella, M. Conductance of rough surfaces. Displacement measurements at the connector contact interface employing a novel thick film sensor. Intermittency events in bio-compatible electrical contacts. The error analysis of calibration ball and optical flat measurements using a 3D con-focal scanning system. Shore Ed. The evolution of contact erosion during an opening operation at 42V.

The fretting characteristics of intrinsically conducting polymer contacts. Audio reconstruction of mechanically recorded sound by digital processing of metrological data.