Tales from the Yucatan Jungle: Life in a Mayan Village

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From Spanish flash cards to falling in love with a Mayan hotel night desk clerk, a transformation begins both with Kristine and the village. In spite of being an outsider and looking nothing like the Maya—she is tall and blonde—she is accepted by the village and becomes an integral part of their community. Tales from the Yucatan Jungle: Life in a Mayan Village brings two worlds together and shares glimpses into a sacred, rich Mayan way of life. Twenty years later, and still married to the Mayan hotel clerk who is now her business partner, Kristine shares her real life stories of love, pain, loss, and learning.

She learns that taking a leap of faith can lead to a fuller and more adventurous life. Kristine allows readers to glimpse a world seldom seen by outsiders.

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Some of the experiences she shares are:. Tales from the Yucatan Jungle is illustrated with photographs and contains a Bibliography and Index. The photos in the Kindle version can be viewed in color. The paperback has black and white photos. Tales from the Yucatan Jungle is available in paperback and Kindle formats from Amazon in most countries. The paperback is also available from many other online retailers as well as select bookstores.

If you are ordering it from a bookstore, you will need the digit ISBN Then Utz-Colel the good women died. As fast as she died, her body started to emit a disgusting smell and all the flowers around her grave died. She lures them to her and then she kills them. She waits for them by the ceiba trees as she combs her hair with a brush made out of tzacam.

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Sac-Nicte means white flower. Canek means black serpent, a brave prince with a kind heart. When he turned 21 years of age, he was chosen as king of Chichen Itza. That same day he met princess Sac-Nacte. She was 15 years of age. Both quickly fell in love; however Sac-Nicte was destined to be married with young Ulil, prince of Uxmal.

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The legend says that a young adviser to the princess told Canek that Sac-Nicte would be waiting among green flowers and that it would be necessary to fight for her, before destiny fought against them. The day of the wedding, Canek arrived with 60 of his best warriors and climbed to the altar screaming Itzalan! As if he was in the battlefield and stole the princess from the altar. Ulil, enraged, launched a war: Mayapan and Uxmal against Izta.

The itzaes abandoned their homes and temples in Chichen Itza. Leading the way was King Canek, hand-in-hand with his beloved Sac-Nicte. The Uxmal and Mayapan armies found an empty Chichen Itza , left dead, abandoned by its citizens. Uxmal is pronounces ush-mal. The legend says that a long time ago in the ancient Mayan city, there lived an ancient woman that worked as an oracle in the city. The woman was unable to conceive children and therefore asked the god Chic Chan to bring her the shell of a large turtle.

A few months later, a tiny green dwarf with red hair was born. One day, the dwarf decided to make a large gourd, which would serve as a kind of rattle. There was a prophecy that said that people who played a similar instrument would become the new king. The king at the time became angry and challenged the dwarf to a dual.

He had three tests for the dwarf. For the first test, he asked the dwarf the number of trees in his palace.

Tales from the Yucatan Jungle - Yucatan Peninsula Travel

The dwarf succeeded. For the second test, the king asked the dwarf to bring a turkey male to lay eggs. The next day, the dwarf brought a man who appeared to be pregnant, to prove that it was impossible to do the same with the turkey. The judges gave him the points. In the third test, the king asked Saiya to place a kind of hickory on his head to be broken with a spearhead.

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Not only was he able to pass the test, but the dwarf asked the king underwent the same experiment. The king died because of his pride and so the little man was proclaimed as king. Visit the Riviera Maya and experience Mayan culture firsthand. I needed this for a report that I have to get a good grade on. I love these stories! They have helped me a lot for a school project. Unfortunately, I cannot use the information I gathered unless I can cite this website in proper mla for at.

How would I cite this? I loved these stories, they really helped me on my I-Search report.

Tales from the Yucatan Jungle Life in a Mayan Village

I think that these are really good legends. Maya VS Mayan — Please help change this. For the Maya, each letter has a weight, a number, a meaning. Each name has a vibration that gives color, sound and meaning. If you add or subtract a letter, the vibration will change.

Names and numbers are very important.

They believe a date or a name will affect the way the person is; that is why they believe their name should not be changed. They are Maya, not Mayan. I have hundreds of recordings, interviews and writings and I wish there was some way that we could change the name has been changed in English.

That is why you have to be careful when you choose the name of your children. He also added that my name was a mistake.

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You just have to pay attention to your dreams. Thank you for such beautiful stories and knowledge. The Aluxeob pl. These little creatures whistle so loud and sharp, that they can move and cut huge stones with the vibration of their whistle. Still today, people ask for their permission when they enter their sacred sites, pyramids and temples.